Online Application

  Basic Economy Business
Annual Charges Free $150 $300
Chart of Account X X X
Purchases X X X
Sales X X X
Purchase Register X X X
Sale Register X X X
Customers X X X
Suppliers X X X
Journal Voucher X X X
Ledger X X X
Trial Balance X X X
Upload Accounts X X X
Cash Vouchers X X X
Bank Vouchers X X X
Payroll X X X
Pending Invoices X X X
Receivables X X X
Payables X X X
Income Statement X X X
Balance Sheet X X X
Taxes & Duties X X X
Inventory X X X
Manufacturing X X X
User Management X X X
Daily Activity X X X

Mobile APPs

Stay Connected, Stay Informed
Manage your business on the go

Point of Sale

POS offers dynamic features for
managing small and medium retail stores
Off Line Processing Product Management
Purchase and Sale Invoices Cash Management

Enterprise Edition

Looking for a complete ERP software
Specific system modules as per your business needs?
We provide complete customized solution for all your business requirements